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BBC Homes & Antiques feature Angie Lewin's work in their November 2008 issue.

"The seasons and the natural landscape are meat and drink to printmaker Angie whose abstract works of art depict seed heads and pods, sunshine and clouds, clifftops, bays and distant mountains.

Ten years ago, living in north London and working as an illustrator, she was barely aware of the seasons, but all that changed when she and husband Simon made the decision to buy a holiday home on the coast."

Read the full article by downloading this PDF file (it's 1.4mb in size and you'll need Adobe Acrobat or similar to view).

Country Living featured this 8 page article on Angie Lewin's work and Norfolk home in their May 2007 issue.

"Throughout the house, seed heads and pods, rather than fresh flowers, fill simple pots, jugs and jars – evidence of which also shapes her work as an artistprintmaker...

Today the wild flowers and grasses of the north Norfolk countryside, as well as her own garden, provide her with a rich seam of subject matter – the sculptural seed heads of plantains, dandelions, goat’s beard, poppies, cow parsley, teasels, and sea lavender outlined against sea and sky are captured in her beautiful, limited-edition prints. The colours and designs are evocative of the Fifties and yet refreshingly original. "

You can read the full article by downloading this PDF file (1.8mb).

Gardens Illustrated featured Angie Lewin's work in this article.

"Angie’s colours may be stylised, but there’s a sense of horticultural knowledge behind what she does, borne out by the fact that at one point she trained to be a garden designer. “Although I think when I stopped being a garden designer plants came into my work even more.”

Work is undertaken in a small, tidy studio, idyllically situated in the garden of her north Norfolk home. Landscape plays a vital role in Angie’s work."

Read the article in full by downloading this PDF file (3.3mb)

We featured as part of Hannah Booth's excellent article on 1950s inspired design in the March 1st issue of Design Week.

"Angie Lewin is an established printmaker who, together with her partner Simon Lewin, has in the past few years branched out into fabric design - hence the formation of St Jude's. She is particularly influenced by Lucienne Day and lesser-known designer Robert Stewart - a contemporary of Day's and apparently one of the few designers Day admired. Stewart designed many iconic textiles for Liberty and Pringle in the 1950s. 'I enjoy the way Day and Stewart use positive and negative shapes, and limited colour palettes. Textiles of the 1950s often referenced molecular structures and other scientific subjects, and I try to bring some of that 'new world', positive feeling to my work.' Lewin's prints and textiles feature plant forms such as seed heads and dead stems. 'Botanical designs can be twee, but Day drew plant forms in a bold, stylised, individual way. I like to think mine aren't delicate either.' One of St Jude's first textile prints was Dandelion, more than a touch influenced by Day's yellowy-green Dandelion Clocks. Lewin is currently working on new designs and preparing for her biggest solo show to date, in May."

Grand Designs magazine featured St. Jude’s in their Grand Master feature in December 2006.

"The county of Norfolk has always been a good place to make for if you are an artist. It may not be the easiest part of the country to get to, but for photographers, writers and artist, the wide-open landscape has a powerful effect. That's certainly true of print-maker Angie Lewin who, after moving to north Norfolk eight years ago with her husband Simon, found her artwork taking a fresh direction, inspired by nature and the landscape."

You can read Dominic Bradbury's article by selecting the PDF files below (you'll need Adobe Acrobat or similar to view these). The file sizes are noted by each:

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Elle Decoration Design Awards 2006 Our Dandelion One & Two prints designed by Angie Lewin were included in the four nominations for the 'Best in Fabric' category of this year's Elle Decoration Design Awards 2006, alongside Timorous Beasties, Nina Campbell and Eley Kishimoto.

"In 100 per cent cotton, these two fabric designs are screen-printed with a gloriously whimsical Fifties-style print and come in deliciously sophisticated shades like yellow, sage and stone."

Congratulations go to Timorous Beasties - the winner of this category - who accepted their award at London's Sunbeam Studios.

The Telegraph In January 2006 we were featured in this four page article in the Saturday Telegraph magazine - written by Daisy Bridgewater.

"Inside the walls the couple have created a quiet and unexpected homage to mid-century Modern British design. No flea-bitten armchairs, no squashy sofas, no standard lamps, but a pure and coherent design sensibility uncommon in this part of Norfolk."

You can read the article by selecting the PDF files below (you'll need Adobe Acrobat or similar to view these). The file sizes are noted by each:

Pages 1 & 2 (2.7 mb) | Page 3 (1.2 mb) | Page 4 (1.3 mb)

The Guardian We featured in The Guardian's Weekend Magazine's "Wish List" on Saturday 26th November 2005...

"St. Jude’s, a Norfolk design outfit, has been going only since October, and this Dandelion Two print is one of its first efforts: a small-run screen-print on heavyweight cotton.

The graphic plant forms are reminiscent of Lucienne Day's 50s prints, and might be just as collectable in a few decades."

Grand Designs We're pleased to feature in the December 2005 issue of the sister magazine to Channel Four's successful TV show...

"If you’re a fan of Fifties style, then these fabrics will be right up your street. New Norfolk-based company, St. Jude’s, has launched two abstract designs based on dandelions in muted period colours. With four designs to be added each year, the company is one to watch out for.

At the end of November, St. Jude’s is opening a shop in Aylsham, a town in Norfolk that has recently become the second community in the country (the first was Ludlow) to join Cittaslow, the international network of ‘slow cities’ which promotes the health benefits of eating local produce. So now there’s another good reason to visit. "

The Independent We featured in the Design & Interiors section of the The Independent's magazine on Saturday 5th November 2005...

"You know when something's good because it looks like it's been there for ever. Take Angie Lewin's screen-printed fabrics for Norfolk based company St. Jude’s.

They have a familiarity that makes you think they must have been designed in the 1950s - the pattern and the colours just seem to fit. In fact her Dandelions One design is brand new this year."

The World Of Interiors - We were delighted to feature in the Antennae section of November 2005's issue of The World Of Interiors...

"Textile designers are currently putting pattern and print together with a dash. St Judes, a small outfit based in Norfolk, is producing a range of screen-printed fabrics designed by artist and printmaker, Angie Lewin.

The skeletal plant-form designs, taken from this original linocut, come printed on a heavy cotton and in a mustard yellow and dark sage-green."

Elle Decoration - Elle Decoration included us in a feature on 50s inspired design in November 2005...

"A host of designers are doing 50s styles with a contemporary twist, including printmaker Angela Lewin, who makes artworks and fabrics featuring stylised nature scenes, flowers and coronation mugs."

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